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The significance of awareness about fire fighting appliances can’t be emphasized enough. We live in an era where all of us are surrounded by technology. Fire risks and incidents of fire breakdown are increasing at an alarming rate. So, to avoid such dangerous situations to an extent, we can simply use a few safety equipment to safeguard our family, friends, and co-workers. Here is our list of Top 5 appliances that are best for this purpose.

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1. Water Sprinkler System
These are probably one of the easiest and efficient equipment to protect a place from minor fire risks. No wonder some of the prominent government agencies and reputed companies have made the installation of these systems in their premises mandatory. In case of an emergency, following a particular spray pattern, a specific quantity of water is sprinkled when a fire breaks according to the need. There are further variations in the technology used in them.

2. Portable Fire Extinguishers
Remember those fire safety drills in schools? Well, this is the equipment that we were taught to use in case of an emergency. Portable Fire Extinguishers should be installed everywhere as they are oftenly used and taught how to use. One thing must be noted that these are only operated to restrain small fires.

3. Automatic CO2 Flooding
Chemical work factories, ships, generators, switch rooms etc are some of the sites that are at high fire risk. Thus, such systems become extremely helpful in these areas. CO2 is dispersed automatically into the area where the temperature has risen due to fire, it is really effective in suppressing fire by decreasing the oxygen in the affected site. A little investment in something that is so helpful in preventing highly endangered areas is required and worth the money.

4. Water Mist Systems
Now, let’s talk about the technique that is reckoned as the most effective in fighting fire in large areas. It converts water into fine atomized mist before releasing it. This mist further transforms fire into steam without letting the oxygen expand. Such systems produce various sizes of water droplets as per the requirement. They efficiently control various type of fire breakdowns ensuring ideal usage of water which is environment-friendly as well.

Apart from the tools mentioned above, we want to emphasize the usage of alarming systems as well. They are not exactly a fire fighting equipment but, a smoke alarm or a fire alarm can become a boon to people by making them aware of the fire as soon as it starts which can indeed expand into a life taking risk. Minimizing the risks is all we can do, and if we can get to know it before it is extremely dangerous a lot of things can be done to save lives.